The Tone at Home- Parents as Leaders

“Tone” is the mood that surrounds us. You could also call it the “emotional environment.” At work, or in an organization, bosses or leaders are largely responsible for setting this tone. This little word, this little thing is more important that you could imagine. Good leaders know this.

Think about your workplace, what is the tone like? Is it one of enthusiasm, challenge meaning, and optimism? If it is, I bet you don’t mind going to work, being part of that team. An environment like this is special. When leaders set a positive tone, it inspires us to care, to go the extra mile, to help out and be team players.

The emotional environment that leaders create is directly related to productivity and overall employee satisfaction. Good leaders empower, inspire, and create win-wins. Employees thrive while the organization benefits.

What is the environment is like at your work? What is the tone? Is it empowering, enthusiastic, trusting…hopeful? Are you inspired to do great things, to be cooperative, to be the best you can be? If it’s not, how do you feel about it? How do you feel about your boss and how cooperative do you feel like being?

In a similar way our emotional states, the tone we set as a parents, greatly impacts the success and well being of our children. Whether we like it or not, as parents, we are leaders. We are most definitely in leadership positions.

So, it’s time to think about what kind of tone we want to set at home. Is it enthusiastic, hopeful, compassionate, and trusting? If not, what type of reality can we expect to create?

Children are people too and they will react to parental leaders much in the same way that adults will react to organizational leaders. As parents, the tone we set couldn’t be more important. Because, just like leaders at work, our emotional state as parents directly influences the behaviour of those who we lead. I’m going to say that again: OUR EMOTIONAL STATE (THE TONE WE SET) AS LEADERS DIRECTLY INFLUENCES THE BEHAVIOUR OF THOSE WHO WE LEAD.

As a result, parents (and teachers) have a large part in determining the amount of cooperation they get from children. For too long we have been blaming students and kids for their “misbehaviour” and lack of cooperation without taking a look at our leadership style.

This turns things on it’s head. Yes this might come as a surprise to some, but we can all spot a lousy boss when we see one. It comes as no surprise that a lousy boss has employees who aren’t happy, who aren’t thriving, and aren’t giving their best. I’m telling you, it’s no different at home.

It comes down to choice. What do you want for your kids, for your family, and your future? Good leadership is the key to meaningful success. Sure we could blame, shame, and micromanage…just like that lousy boss who can’t understand why things aren’t going well. Or we can embrace the fact that we are indeed leaders and what we do really matters. The tone we set at home is where it all begins.

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