So much parenting occurs in a hit-the-ground-running, on-the-fly, and reactive way. On top of that, many outdated ideas of parenting and childhood development still persist. Although commonplace, reactive and punitive parenting styles lead to problems- problems of our own creation.

What I do is help bring more intention, purpose, trust and love to the practice.

Less reactiveness, more focus and more control. Fewer threats and punishments more patience and skillful communication.

I believe that parents want the best for their kids. I don’t have to convince many parents of this. What I do is ask questions and hold space for parents to come to understandings about what exactly “the best” is and how they can offer it.

Here are some examples of questions I’ve asked that have helped parents become clearer on what it is they want to achieve and how they’d like to achieve it.
  • What do you want for your child?
  • What is a good parent?
  • What beliefs do you have about your child or children in general?
  • What beliefs do you have about the way that you parent?
  • What beliefs do you have about your own childhood and your own parents and how are they affecting the way you are parenting?
  • Which beliefs are helping you which beliefs are hindering you in achieving what you want?
  • How can you adjust your beliefs so that they match the practice of parenting that you would like to embody?
  • What’s one small change you can make in your parenting practice that would better reflect your true desire for what kind of parent do you want to be.

If we want to improve, we need to take the time to be reflective and make game plans around overcoming obstacles.

For many of us, the way we parent doesn’t actually match up with what we want for our children. I help bring clarity to that. I also help you get clear on how it is you would actually like to parent based on your true hopes and dreams for your child.

Without consistency and accountability, focus and intention can be lost. It’s easy to make a New Year’s resolution for example, it’s harder to follow through. What I find useful in helping create lasting change is being accountable to someone on a regular basis. This is where I come in, being your accountability buddy of sorts.

I coach for free, so it’s available to anyone who needs it. Consultations are conducted on the phone, via Skype, or over email.